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Re-watch days

In the course assessments, I noticed a minor disagreement between some students about the re-watch days. Some students cited these as when they were most engaged in class and others cited these days as when they were the most distanced.

  • If you were most engaged on re-watch days, why did these days work for you?
  • If you felt distanced on these days, why didn't they work for you? What would you change?
  • In either case, for future terms would you recommend that I keep this structure (five films, two weeks per film) or program more films (e.g., a new film very week)?


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Jessica Brown

I enjoyed the rewatches because we were able to discuss scenes and shots from the films while seeing them right in front of us.
I think five films was about the perfect amount. It gave us time to think more deeply about the content of each. The first screening is great for getting familiar with the film, but I think the rewatch is important so we can view the film from a more analytical perspective.

Linnea Dawson

I liked the rewatches. They allowed us to see things we may have missed during the first watch. Like Jessica, I think the program worked out really well for the structure of the class.

Ryan Giles

I thought the rewatches was a good thing to do. It refreshes our mind of the film and gives us a chance to go over or discuss details that we might have missed or have questions about. I didn't feel really distance when it came to the rewatches, like I said it refreshes my mind of what happened during the film. I think five films is the right amount of films to watch in a term, it gives us a chance to watch it again if we have any questions about any particular scene in the film.

Garret Adams

I thought that the re watch days were important to how the class was operated and it made sense to re watch and really dig into the details of each film. On the other hand it is sometimes difficult to sit through a long movie you just watched two days before. This is more difficult for the movies you dont particularly like. I think that the structure that you have now for the class works well and i wouldn't recommend changing to do more films.

Jose Hernandez

I was engaged a lot more in the re-watch days then the initial watch days, because of the discussions we had, and also when we analyzed different shots in the film. Some questions that I had from the first watch were also discussed in the re-watch, this was helpful to be because not only did I get the answer I also got to see my classmate’s perspectives as well
Five films, two weeks per film was a great way to fully understand and analyze the films. It gives us a chance to reflect, and comment after the first watch and then a chance for classroom discussion the second time around. I think this is a great structure for this class.

Becky Bond

As much as I rationally understood the functionality of the re-watches, I felt more engaged just watching the movie all the way through the first time. I did enjoy discussing the events in the film, I just thought I could have gleaned as much from the discussions if we did them without the re-watch. I would have also been okay with a new movie every week. But that's just me!

Josh Riddell

The reason the re-watch day's worked for me was because it gave me a chance to listen to others and Dr. Huston talk and explain there thoughts of what was going on as we were watching the movie. I do like the current structure and wouldn't change it going forward.

Kevin Smith

I think that adding new films would just be too much for a class that is only 10 weeks. I had difficulty understanding/learning the concepts in the first two weeks with Eternal Sunshine, so adding another movie into that would have just made everything exponentially harder.

Gabriel Yanez

I feel that a film a week could be interesting. While the re-watch days were help on some films, I tend to lose interest in it.


The re-watch days also worked for me because it gave me a chance to see things in the films that I missed the first time around. I also liked listening to others ideas and inputs on the film to further my own understanding of the films. I think that the current structure works well as it is.

Jesus Hernandez

The re-watched days were most engaging for me since i kinda knew what to look for in the move or at least what details to look for, it also helped that i new the ending and beginning of the movies since those were some important concepts to some movies.

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